Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New sissy's, caller's, loser's......

I have some very interesting new callers. I have some money piggies that CAN NOT live without me. I have guys wanting me to Brain wash them, I have loser's wanting some humiliation.

I have a new caller, we have done 2 calls so far, he actually handed the girl my assignment, in the store I sent him to. I just got a another update on an assignment he did today, it was more then funny.

I just did another session just now, he had a stupid stick that ended up being humiliated by this perfect princess.

I own and control you guys out there, expect me to wrap you around my Princess fingers where you belong.

Humiliation phone sex with Princess Elizabeth.... 1-877-550-7735

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Guided masturbation with the Princess!

I just did a guided masturbation phone sex call. I like to take control and have you masturbate for me! I take immediate control, and you are to be MY jerk off slut. I will use you to masturbate for me. I like it when I know you are being a dirty boy!

I am a Princess no two ways about it, if you are lucky enough for me to use you to masturbate you will have a better day.

I like to train sissies, I also brainwash loser's, jeffie is a good example of that. I think I took his mind out of his head actually. I like putting YOU in panties, for ME! I will make you weak and defenseless.

Princess Elizabeth for guided masturbation, and femdom fantasies.. 1-877-550-7735

Saturday, October 30, 2010

I fuck loser jeffie over regularly

For those of you new to my blog and website =
I own and control loser jeffie, he is a big fucking loser, and I love him dearly, he loves me as well.
Not as a real man but as a loser loving his PRINCESS, superior that I am.

I have used him on a regular basis now and it really turns me on. Taking his money, brain washing him, and programming him, is very much a turn on for me. In fact if he were here, I could drip my wet pussy into his mouth with my fingers pulling money right out of his wallet.

I have recently started putting words in his mouth, as you know a loser can not think for himself. Long ago W/we both agreed that his stupid stick was doing his thinking, his little head not his big head, and now, I have taken that option away as I am putting thoughts into his pathetic little/big brain.

I make him pay me, tribute me, do NOT allow him to cum, it is all for my pleasure and amusement.

LOSER jeffie... NO CUMMING FOR YOU, and remember


Every guy wants to get with a super Hot girl.
Every guy wants to fuck a Hot Princess, right?
Mmmmmmm wouldn’t that feel so good?
Here I’ll let you think about that for a sec.
Ok loser,
that’s long enough! No WAY!
Not gonna happen!
Ever, loser!
Not with You!
You are a loser!
I know it seems unfair
that your stupid little dick should get all hard and throbbing for me
while I,
upon seeing you
and your tiny dick
only return your attentions with mocking laughter and humiliating put-downs!
So I have set up this LOSER HELP-LINE
to help all you losers become the biggest loser you can be!
Have people led you to believe that you could not be a bigger loser than you already are?
Awwwww Poor loser!
Don’t worry I am sure I can make you into an even Bigger LOSER once I get my Princess hooks in you!
You need to experience the sexy Burn of getting FUCKED OVER by me!
You’ll come back
and I will BURN you some more!
You have some much to learn.
And since you get so stupid when that little thing gets hard,
you’ll have to Pay me
to go over it for you
again and again.
I will HELP you with your addiction to me.
I’ll HELP make it worse!
And my kinda HELP is gonna cost you
so bring your credit cards,
xoxo Princess Elizabeth

Your stupid stick is stupid! LOSER!

Is your little dick pointing at stupid?
Ha ha ha!
Is that little thing hard?
Is it pointing at stupid?
Is it pointing you towards being more stupid?
Leading you towards that state of blissed-out submissive stupidity
when all the blood is down there in your little dicky
and your already weak
“thinking” just gets weaker
and weaker for me,
~doesn’t it loser?
I like losers who are stupid and weak.
The thing I like about losers
is when they get turned on
they are
Ha ha ha!
A Princess just has to take advantage of a weak and defenseless loser!
That is what Princess’s do.
And when I do that your little dick gets all excited
and sticks up as far as it can
- giggles-
and says
“Here I am Princess,
a weak and defenseless little loser,
ready to be lead around
by a pathetic little dick.”
That means it is pointing at stupid.
I like to call it your STUPID-STICK
cause when it gets hard, you get stupid, and I get busy using you.
You can stroke it for me
as long as you Do NOT cum without MY permission!
Go on loser
get stupid for your Princess xoxo ~Princess Elizabeth

Fucked over = Sex

Loser jeffie is so fucked over he now thinks that sex means being fucked over!
hahahahha Princess Elizabeth!

he says...

"I have been having a lot of SEX lately thanks to Princess Elizabeth! She has programmed me to think of SEX as me getting FUCKED Over by her, and DENIED. I pay her to FUCK me Over and Ruin me. I get lots of SEX thanks to Princess!"

Headbands for loser's

Ha Ha Ha I made my loser make a headband that he can wear when he calls me!
And if you want to get on my good side, you will make one too!
Step 1.
All you have to do is get some masking tape, and then take a marker and write the words: “I Want Princess Elizabeth To Fuck Me Over”
Think you can handle that loser?
Ok, now
Step 2.
Stick it to your stupid loser face! Ha ha ha! Across your forehead works for me! Good loser!
Step 3.
Call me! Yes, call me so I can laugh at you, humiliate you, and get you all addicted to me!
See there it is in 3 simple steps! Even a weak dick stroking loser like you can follow those instructions, right?
But for those of you who want *Extra Credit*
Just send me a picture of you with your loser headband on!
Be a good little wimp and put your full name in there too!
Good boy!
Then I can fuck you over real good!
Do it loser! Make your headband and CALL ME!
xoxo Princess Elizabeth